If you’re currently struggling with:

  • Body confidence
  • Gaining muscle
  • Fat Loss

or those Men’s/Women’s health programmes and fad diets just aren’t working for you, then I’m here to help!

My name is Sam Charlton and you’re in the right place, welcome to Adrenalean!

For you to understand how passionate I am about helping people become more confident with their own bodies and help them change their lives for the better, I hope you will take a moment to hear my story.

Let me start by winding back the clock a few (cough) years…

AboutPage-BeforeAll through my childhood and adolescents I was athletic, confident and played basketball for England with an enthusiasm for fitness that coursed through my veins but unfortunately, at the age of 18 I contracted glandular fever and spent three months practically bed ridden, with most meals coming in the form of liquid because swallowing felt impossible.

By the time I had recovered, I was barely 60kg with a serious issue with fatigue (later established as CFS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Having so little energy meant that for the next 3 years I would avoid any form of exercise, perpetuating my lack of confidence and fuelling a need for junk food as a comforter. In fact, that image is only 1 of 2 pics that exist from this period of my life where I don’t have huge, baggy clothes to hide my tiny frame.

Don’t worry it’s not all doom and gloom though because I’m now happy, body confident and a certified personal trainer that has been changing people’s lives for the last 6 years.

When I look back on those days it seems more like someone else’s life because I feel like a completely different person now.

AboutPage-AfterYou see, I eventually found my way back to fitness after my parents built a gym in our back garden and I was able to find my confidence with exercise again. It took a long time to rebuild the body I had all those years ago and through the journey I tried various diets, supplements and workouts, so I know what really works and what is complete bull***t… and believe me, there is a lot of it out there!

I’d tried GOMAD (gallon of milk a day, yeah I’m serious!), the typical chicken and broccoli style bro diets and taking excess supplementation to help my muscle growth but none of them had the desired effect, being boring and in some cases, having unpleasant side effects…

So I’ve been there guys!… and it left me with an insatiable desire to pass on my knowledge and experience to help others fight their way out of the slump they are in and change their lives too!

Through specifically tailored programme design and flexible dieting, I have coached my clients to success with some seriously life changing results…


  • 10+ years in the industry
  • Lv3 Advanced Personal Trainer
  • Online Trainer Certified (OTC)
  • Nutritional Advisor
  • Sports & Strength Conditioning Specialist
  • Pre & Post Natal Specialist


 “If you are struggling to lose weight, chances are you are overeating. It’s surprisingly easy to miscalculate portion size and over consume calories. Try downloading MyFitnessPal and track your food for a week, I think you’ll find the experience illuminating.”

A Few Facts About Me…

What My Clients Say…

  • “I have known Sam for quite a few years now and he is a fantastic trainer. The genuine enthusiasm he shows in his classes and in front of PT clients is something you don’t see often in a gym. Sam really cares about his clients, always ensuring they have correct form and are lifting adequately.

    I’ve attended various classes Sam conducted at Pure Gym and they were always varied and he pushed me every single time – even on those days where I wasn’t ‘feeling it’, he would always encourage and boost morale making classes a team effort.

    You always knew it would be a fully booked class if Sam was running it because everyone knew they’d be in for a great workout, even the 6.15am sessions. I don’t think I’ve ever finished one of his classes without being a complete sweaty mess afterwards!

    I cannot recommend Sam highly enough to help reach your goals, however big or small they are.”

    Jenna Barbato
  • “I got to know Sam from attending his Pump classes in the gym. Previous to this, I never enjoyed any classes that involved weights!

    After getting married and changing jobs twice in a year I lacked motivation and needed someone to change this. I didn’t want a trainer who would just tell me what to do and not say when I was doing it wrong but someone who would ensure my posture was correct and motivate me.

    With Sam I was reminded that when I said, “I can’t do it”, I could but needed to find the strength to push through. If I didn’t complete the exercise there was always a forfeit, which I tried to avoid but failed at times!

    Sam is very approachable and professional. He valued that I was paying for his time and results, so even if I was running late he would ensure that I got the best value for money in half an hour.”

    Angie Montague
  • “If you are looking for someone who is completely dedicated to health and fitness, someone who will work you hard but with good humour then Sam is the trainer for you.

    Whether it's a short term goal like an event you wish to train for, or long term fitness; Sam will be able to tailor a program for you. I have benefited from his knowledge and he has contributed to my fitness by challenging what I could do and encouraging me to push myself onwards.

    So if you are wanting to take a new step for a stronger, fitter you then I'd always recommend Sam.”

    Kate Nicholls

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